Perhaps you got swept up in the excitement over handcrafted, traditional cured Italian meats and brought one home, but you’re asking yourself “now what?”.

Storing salami


As a cured meat salami can keep for months. The best way to store any cured meat is by hanging it in a cool and ventilated place (approximately 10ºC to 15ºC) where it will continue to mature. If this is not possible, then place in the fridge.

Salami is best eaten as soon as it is cut and you should remove only enough skin to access the quantity of salami you require.

Once cut, the salami should be wrapped with a Tea Towel around the cut surface and placed in the fridge. You may notice that the cut end of the salami discolours – this is due to slight oxidation. The salt may also have started to crystallise on the end surface, which may alter the taste slightly, but it will just be the end piece that is affected and the remainder of the salami will be fine.

Peeling salami


To remove the peel, cut off the tip, score the salami lengthwise along as much of the salami you plan to eat, and then peel off that portion & peel slowly as it may be slightly brittle and dry.

Slicing and serving salami


Like with all meats, a sharp knife makes for a much more even and tastier slice. letting the Salami get to room temperature out of the fridge both makes it easier to cut and brings the salami to its peak flavour. There are many ways to slice your favourite Salami all depending on whether you like it sliced thick or sliced thin either way using a sharp knife brings out the best attributes to any Salami. You can serve Salami in many different applications from placing on a Antipasto platter or adding it to your panino or favourite pizza topping alternatively all of our Salumi can be eaten on their own.